Grapheene Use Cases:


Securing Patient Health Records and Insurance Data with Encryption, Key Management, and Key Rotation in the Healthcare and Insurance Industry


Insurance provides protection, peace of mind, financial stability, risk management and support during unforeseen events


Protecting Drug Formulations and Clinical Data with Encryption, Key Management and Key Rotation in the Pharma Industry


Securing Financial Transactions with Encryption, Key Management and Key Rotation in the financial industry


Securing Government Communications with Encryption, Key Management and Key Rotation


E-commerce requires user-friendly platforms, secure payments, inventory management, efficient shipping and responsive customer service for optimal success.

Law Firm

Reinforcing Confidentiality in Law Firms

Energy & Utilities

Strengthening Infrastructure Security in Energy & Utilities


Enhancing Customer Data Protection in Retail

Real Estate

Securing Sensitive Data in Real Estate Transactions

Supply Chain in Manufacturing

Secure Intellectual Property and Streamline Supply Chain in Manufacturing

Media and Entertainment Industry

Securing Digital Content and Streamlining Distribution in the Media and Entertainment Industry