Grapheene works in all kinds of environments, from business, to legal, medical, and everything in between


Build faster and smarter

Easily integrate Grapheene with the tools you love using our APIs and SDK. You manage your data and your keys, so you can develop with peace of mind knowing your data is yours.


Build loyalty with secure, digital services

You need security and privacy that can handle the demand of coordinating across numerous internal, cross-functional teams to meet the needs of your customers. With Grapheene, we make it easy to integrate your tools, and your teams to provide the highest level of security and encryption, so you know that your customer’s data is safe.

B2B Technology

Scale up without compromising security

Keep your competitive advantage—your valuable IP and creative content—safe with enterprise-grade security. Empower employees with ultra-fast encryption, so you know your sensitive data is shared securely using Grapheene.

Law Firms

Improve life cycle times and outcomes

From finalizing M&A transactions to executing contracts, Legal teams are key players in enabling business growth and success. But most technology solutions don’t make it easy for attorneys and staff to manage complicated and highly-sensitive, content-based legal workflows. With Grapheene security and key management, you know that your file transfer and storage will come with the strictest privacy and compliance standards so you can grow your business while mitigating risk.


Innovative healthcare deserves innovative security

In today’s world, more people expect telehealth options to be as viable as in-person care, with the privacy of an in-person visit. Grapheene provides state-of-the-art encryption to make sure your medical data is transmitted safely, and securely.


Consumers expect expert-level security from their banks and financial services companies

In fact, nearly 60% of consumers would stop using a bank after an online breach. We manage information security based on the {Grapheene framework here} framework, so you can ensure data protection, compliance, and confidentiality, and integrate safely with additional technologies for payments, logistics, and commerce.