Secure Your Data at {API Speed}

Integrates your applications in minutes.

Encryption is now standard practice in the business world with Grapheene’s RING. Our SDK and DASHMonitor make it easy to manage corporate applications, tools, access, data integrity, and operational requirements.





Grapheene fights for privacy and freedom of
speech online

Zero data breaches

You never configure encryption algorithms or store keys, and we can’t decrypt your data.

No latency cost

Our services are ultra-low latency, and we automatically scale to millions of requests per second.

Encrypt everything

Change nothing about your development flow. Grapheene works out of the box with most tech stacks.

Seamless encryption across all of your apps and environments

Save time, eliminate downstream security cost, and increase overall security posture by enabling data encryption directly into your applications.

Designed by encryption experts

Cross-app/language interoperability

Libraries for major languages

Supports all storage types

Automated KMS and key storage

Automated key rotation

Quickly rotate encryption keys

Rapid data re-encryption/re-keying

Enable rapid compliance

Application-layer encryption

Encrypt data by default

Audit and access logs

Encryption and security you can count on

Robust developer platform and experience

Detailed documentation

Sample code and apps

Elegant DASHMonitor

A single DASHMonitor to encrypt of all your apps

Centralize encryption management

Tailor encryption strategies per app

Monitor access and activity

Save time, money, and avoid costly mistakes

Future-proof encryption strategies

Eliminate costly encryption tools

Industry-vetted encryption libraries

An encryption platform that scales with your business
and future-proofs your encryption strategy.

The Grapheene platform is an API-based platform that enables you to quickly customer-side data encryption. Your data and your keys stay with you.

How it works

Integrating with Grapheene couldn’t be easier. You can use our TypeScript SDK to build Grapheene into any customizable application. We also offer a full REST-ful API to fully access all of our encryption services, enabling you to combine Grapheene with any system you manage. And finally, using our Sidecar product, you are able to utilize Grapheene service without ever modifying the code of your existing applications, legacy or otherwise.

Privacy is important and protecting your privacy is even more critical.

Ready for lift off?

Start protecting your data with Grapheene.