Integrates with apps in minutes.

Ensure Your Data is Secured

Protecting information and data is rapidly becoming a standard practice in the business world. Kickstart securing your content with Grapheene’s services that enable you to quickly encrypt and decrypt within your applications.

Grapheene fights for data security

Grapheene’s API’s, central to key management and encryption, ensure robust data protection that can be seamlessly integrated into your application. Once embedded, you can immediately start encrypting your data, while monitoring and managing all encryption and decryption activities from our dashboard.

Where Keys Meet Convenience!

You never configure encryption algorithms or store keys, and we can’t decrypt your data. Your data and your keys stay with you.

Encrypt Federated, Rest Assured!

Change nothing about your development flow. With Grapheene you can enable data encryption directly into your applications.

Guard and Certify

The dashboard provides live data on who is performing what actions. Stay vigilant about who is doing what with your data using our services.

The power to protect your Privacy

Trustworthy API and Dashboard Services

Robust developer platform

 Detailed documentation

 Sample code and apps

 Tailored encryption strategies

User Centric Dashboard

 Streamline services interface

 User and Access Managment

 Realtime activity monitor

Save time, money, and avoid costly mistakes

 Future-proof encryption strategies
 Realtime activity monitor

 Industry-vetted encryption libraries

Why Choose Grapheene

Secure your clicks, Secure your business reputation

Unified Encryption Approach:

Grapheene’s Federated Encryption offers a harmonized encryption methodology, ensuring data security across diverse platforms and services.

Seamless Key Syndication:

Built-in Key Syndication Services guarantee streamlined and secure management of encryption keys, reducing complexity and enhancing reliability.

API-First Design:

Our platform is crafted with developers in mind, ensuring smooth integrations and agile adaptability to evolving tech ecosystems.

Comprehensive Dashboard:

Stay in control with our intuitive dashboard, providing real-time insights, monitoring, and detailed reporting on your encryption activities.

Robust Security Framework:

Combining federated encryption with key syndication, we offer an unparalleled security shield for your data, ensuring compliance and safeguarding against breaches.

Dedicated Support & Community:

Alongside our state-of-the-art platform, gain access to Grapheene's expert support team and a vibrant community of users, ensuring you’re never alone in your encryption journey.

Our security goes beyond compliance

Utilizing Grapheene APIs for a Secure File Transfer Application:

Focusing on Key Management and Data Encryption

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